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12/31/09 Happy New Year!

12/24/09 Merry Christmas!

12/5/09 After dealing with some serious family issues, vacation was a blast. I had a lot of time to unwind and think, so I have a couple of things to post.

First, for some reason, the hyperlink to the GuruedGear website did not work before I left. I just fixed it. This is just a temp web page until a web store is built.

Next, I have sold my Dyno Jet 150 dyno. It's new home will be at Yamaha of Millington in Millington, Tennessee. I will be shopping for a load dyno to help me develop some of the new products I am working on. Specifically, the V-Roomy Air Intake System. I still have not showed all my cards on this one.

Last, I have soul searched myself and came to the conclusion I should either run this web site wherein I review and test various products OR develop a product and become a manufacture/vendor, but not both. It is a conflict of interest. I have a lot of work ahead of me preparing and testing these products for the market, so my spare time will be consumed with those issues. Besides, I think it would be better to design and build something to make you go faster than to test and talk about it. Moreover, my bread and butter business has picked back up again and is starting to suffer from my lack of attention. Most importantly, I need to fit my wife and dogs in there too. I simply can not juggle them all, therefore I must let go of the less important ones.

I started this site to share open and honest information.  The best I could produce with the tools I had. For the past year I have enjoyed doing this more than I should. From being the first to remove the top speed limit to having Jay Gleason ride my bike, I have enjoyed quite a journey. I have set some records and corrected a lot of misinformation, including my own. I showed my mistakes, and I never went back and changed or covered them up. Hopefully, I have built a good reputation in this process.

I will still add some new technical information to the Gen 1 or Gen 2 main pages as time goes by. I will e-mail those on my e-mail list of the updates. I will start a Site News style page if need be. I still need to post the UFO 8 second bike page and the last Jay Gleason run at the track. Although I will still be tending this site, for the time being, regretfully this Blog has met it's demise.


If you have followed my Blog all of this time, thank you for your interest in my website.



Tim Nash




12/4/09 I'm back.





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