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1/31/09 I have tested it. So far, it removes the top speed in 5th gear. The Rev limiter looks like it's still the same as bypassed. Here is the Dyno. Off to the concert!

11:30 am - Still waiting. Not looking good for any details today. 

The last day of January and here is what I hope happens. I get the race ECU in and get some ground work testing done. Then I load up and go see these guy's at the Amway Area in Orlando tonight:

My wedding day was the only day that I had built up more anticipation. This will be an epic day in my life.

1/30/09 Looks like I will be running a RWHP competition with my dyno for the VMOA this coming Bikeweek. I will also be cutting out the top prizes with my router. Here is a few hours work to make a preliminary rendering:

I will add more text, like "1st Place Modified Class Bikeweek 2009"  later on.

The Race ECU, it should be here in the morning! If it gets here before 10am, you will have video and a dyno sheet. Between 10 and noon, you will have a Blog entry and a dyno sheet. Noon and 1, a Blog RWHP entry. After 1pm and you will have to wait until Sunday. I have an Eagles concert to attend! 

I worked on the Flywheel drawing and added the timing signal. I then indexed the two so it makes sense. I also updated the link below.

Today is a work day for me, but I got up early to answer some e-mail. I have had the third e-mail about the Gen 1 waste spark timing. Here is a reply that I typed up this morning:

"The measurements I posted came from a 2002 bike. I am going to measure my 89 but I think the pre 93 models are still waste spark. This is an inherent product of a crank driven spark timing rather than a cam driven one. With a crank driven timing system, there is a pulse every 360 degrees of crank rotation. With a cam driven system, the cam rotates at half the speed of the crank. The cam turns a distributor at the same pace, one rotation per two crank rotations and therefore there is one pulse every 720 degrees of crank rotation. When the timing originates from the crank, there is nothing to discern if #1 cylinder is on the compression stroke or the exhaust stroke unless a second input from a cam is referenced. It makes no difference if it is fired on the exhaust stroke. The exhaust stroke timing event is just a wasted spark as the fuel air mixture has already burnt."

Here is a 2002 model composite measurement and a flywheel drawing. You should be able to match the timing signal to the flywheel by the looking for the positive pulse that pauses before going negative. This indexes to the bump on the flywheel. Here is a chart I made while prototyping fuel injection some time ago. I made all of these measurements and calculations some time back and they have been packed away on an old computer with other bike info. Hope all of this old information is correct.

For the record, people in the UK are not aware of what "Sham Wow" means. He had to look it up. Wished we could be so lucky. 

1/29/09 I added a short video of what the EXUP does with a simulated speed injected into the ECU. These things are not earth shattering, but may be of use later. For now they are nice to know, not need to know. I added another person to my e-mail list from the UK, Sham Wow! Is that just an American Pop Icon? I sent an e-mail to ask.

I added a short video testing the bikes top speed indication with the bike in pure stock form. This was a 5th gear roll on. This means lower hp and less top end than with the signal injected. 

I added a few more people to my e-mail list this morning. One from Norway! It seems like most of the people that e-mailed me this morning are wondering about the race ECU. Here is the plan: Montgomery Cycle Center is supplying / sending the ECU. They are expecting it to be shipped out to them on the 30th. When they receive it, they are going to ship it to me via overnight parcel service. As soon as I have the box, I will open it and take photos. I will then go to my shop and pull a stock dyno run. I will install the new race ECU and pull another dyno run and post the results. I have not heard what the capabilities of the race ECU are. If there is any tuning to be performed, it will be a minimum at first. My first post will be what to expect when you get the box. I will then send out an e-mail to everyone on my e-mail list with a link to the new ECU web page. I am getting a little excited about this one. I have fixed the old 120RWHP Club pages. 

1/28/09 I had a glitch with publishing to the site today. Just fixed that. Tomorrow I will be moving on to testing a product that requires me to keep a lid on it for now. Remember the something "Big!"? This means there will be little activity from me for a spell. I have some other footage from the EXUP that I will be posting as time allows. I expect the Yamaha race ECU the first of next week. I will post that video and Dyno result ASAP. I still will check my e-mail daily so if you think of something or want to be added to my e-mail list then send me an e-mail. I try to answer them every day unless I am very busy. Thanks for all the e-mails so far, its nice to know I'm not wasting my time.

1/27/09 Ok, I collected a lot of information today and also a performed a new modification. I will be working on it tonight and should be able to post it soon. The EXUP is controlled by speed and rpm. I shot some video of how to turn on the fans for "parade duty" and I took a few more measurements.

1/26/09 Plan on looking further into how the EXUP actually works and what signals control it. I will also look at speed limiter issue. 

Today is a workday. I loaded another O2 chart from the EXUP open/closed test on the Polyanna page. This could be the beginning of the end for aftermarket exhaust systems in some states. Better buy one while you still can. New law's in Denver and New York are mandating bike's retain the stock exhaust system. If you commute in these municipalities and install an aftermarket exhaust, you may want to hang on to your stock system just in case. 

1/25/09 Sorry, no new testing done today. I am spending today getting the Gen 1 pages up and running. I have had a question or two about timing signals. I had done quite a bit of probing on my old 02 bike, so I am revamping the website to show this information. I had to split the site in two and change it from Technical pages to Related pages. This will be easier to find what you are looking for. 

Let me expound on the Race ECU. I should have mine here this week for testing. I will post up to the site the dyno findings. 

1/24/09 3:30pm Just got an e-mail from my Yamaha parts rep. The Race ECU is now available for order. 

Not much to post today. Test day tomorrow. Here's a goof I made in celebration of the hit count of the site. The hit count had to be reset when the server crashed and I reloaded the border pages. It would now be over 10,000!

1/23/09 One more, here is a comparison between yesterdays EXUP and the YCC-I removal from a few days ago. These are uncorrected numbers, as you will see. Something to think about. 

I  put together another dyno chart. This is a summary of all of yesterdays testing. 3/4/09 The chart shows a 0.6 hp increase by going from 87 octane to 93 fuel. These test where performed within 13 minutes of each other with the bike running at the same temp. The conditions deteriorated as the day went by, which explains the low 93 octane run. From the 1st 87 octane fuel test forward, all test are 93 octane. The last run of the day made the least HP with 93 octane. Now I am trying to think about that fan and when I had it on and off yesterday. The numbers for each are close so maybe I am being too picky. I will have to say that I am going to run what Yamaha recommends for now. One conclusive answer from the sheet is the EXUP. Work day today so maybe more tomorrow. The fan blowing into the scoops will be a good one.-

1/22/09 The EXUP, I'm gonna un-hook it. I am going to add the dyno sheet now for the Blog readers and work on the write up. From the1st run numbers, it looks like the valve is open when its unhooked. It's the blue .001 run lines. I rotated the valve and held it in place and made run .002 which is the red lines. I added a stock line from an earlier run under nearly the same conditions. Its the green .001 lines. There's a couple of ponies for ya!

Fuel test chart is next. Want a couple more ponies? Then apparently you should burn the right fuel. 93 octane! I was wrong about the lower octane fuel. Higher octane fuel made almost 3 hp more by the numbers, but the dyno sheet curves are very close. So I did some thinking as to why I was wrong. I think I have found why I was making the extra horsepower, which will result in another test. The first day I was running the lower octane fuel, I started to use a very large and powerful shop fan to cool the bike off after a dyno pull. It could be the large fan  incidentally blowing into the scoops. I am getting tired so this will be it until the weekend. For now, these seem to be solid answers.

First off, the dyno correction factors are working. Fantastic conditions for making horsepower today. DIN correction was a 4hp deduction and SAE was10! Speed does make a difference in the EXUP.  I suspected so from the sheets. I think I will just un-hook the cables and make a run. Glad I doubted it. I am headed to the gas station to get different grade fuels.

While I am waiting for the temp to come up, I made this nice little composite wiring diagram. No more looking on one page for what # 63 is! I am going to print this up on 4 sheets and tape it to a piece of cardboard. 

12. That was our low last night. 12. For central Florida, that was cold. Glad I covered the hose bibs! It's supposed to warm up today. I may get to test the EXUP and Octane issue. A real photo I took this morning:

I added the page showing how I opted not install diodes to flash the Shift Light when a turn signal is on.  One of the modifications that was on my To-Do list.

1/21/09 Sorry folks, today ended up being a work day. I had to get ready for cold weather tonight. Wrapping pipes and covering plants. I worked a little on a special electronics project today. I hope to test the fuel octane and EXUP tomorrow if all goes well. I hate to say one thing and end up doing another but the only way to have anything is to take care of what you have. That would include the plants. That's a proxy bid for keeping wife. Besides, hate to see anything die from lack of effort. Even a plant. So it goes! I want to know these answers so maybe tomorrow. -

This morning is almost cold! My weather station says 23.5 degrees outside. This may be a beach day from some, but this is cold for Florida. Too cold to be in my shop this morning. I have a side project I may work on today. I make custom artwork with a CNC router every now and then. These take a huge amount of time. I work on them on rainy days. Here is an old video of one I did Easter: 


Now you know what that huge machine is beside my dyno. I think I will do a 3D lithopane of something like this photo:


1/20/09 Dyno parts are here. Say good bye to the uncorrected numbers (which sounds like 3 or 4 hp on a good day, more for a really good day). I also brought home my infra red heat sensor. Now I can start documenting performance of different parts and such. I am going to look at the fuel octane issue in the morning. I will test each one and see what results I get. I also will video the EXUP on the dyno to make sure the results are right. There is such little difference, I may have missed something. Got to make sure! Not much more today.  -

This proved to be wrong: Thought I would slip a cookie in the Blog. I have been messing around with lower octane fuels. I have been running a 1/3'rd - 87 octane and 2/3'rds - 89 octane + Marvel Mystery oil mix in my bike. I have noticed a slight amount of "pinging" the other morning when I brought it in from 38 degree weather and put it up on the dyno. It went away after it warmed up. I have to test this theory but it looks like I have gained 4 to 6 rwhp by running lower octane fuel. I have a weather station module coming for the dyno so I can have corrected numbers. This has been a drawback from day one of owning this dyno. When the module arrives and I have time, I will test this. I am going to delete the "To Do" list and just make Blog entries. I wonder how to do an RSS feed? I missed the boat on html and the likes altogether. I struggled this weekend to change this site. I don't want to get into that mess again! Maybe a lower tech mailing list instead of goofing with the site again. I have to check a few things with the EXUP results video before I form a firm opinion. I may have to retest this one. Speed may be an issue in controlling the valve opening. I sure don't want to post another "Test" video and be persecuted as perpetuating it as fact. On that note, I am done with the competition with other sites. I just do what I do because I love it. Yea, the competition is fun, but it's not really my objective now. Besides I am getting so involved with the upcoming testing, I will not have time to check other sites. This has become a fine balance of work, home, hobby and wife. The latter the most important. She has been patient and understanding. She probably will NEVER take the time to read time, but if she does. HI HUNNY! Today is a work day, Wednesday is more testing if all goes well.-

1/19/09 Worked many hours getting the site straightened out. It took some time. Just about everything has changed but it will be easier for me to post to the site now. Pages that have changed: Measurements, Nash Nix, added Modifications, added Schematics, added Hindsight LS Mirror. All of the past events seems to be working now. This was a lot of work to get this changed over, but I am happier with it. That's about it for tonight. -

Dyno parts ordered. Crank up the Rumor mill: something Real Big is coming! Wish I could let the cat out of the bag, but I have agreed not to. This will be a VMaxGuru exclusive! On another note, got a call that another site has developed a speed adjuster almost exactly like what I was going to build. Either this is two people thinking alike or word got around about what I was doing. I had not posted the details but I did tell a few people that called and at the last VMOA ride I was at. It was no secret. I had ordered the parts last week. For the record, I never intended to constantly inject 120mph into the bike. Why would I take the time to find the minimum speed and other parameters? I updated the Nash Nix page. I went and looked at the site and it does not look like it has enough components to do what he say's it will do. Can't really see them all, maybe so. Video proof please! For now, I will leave it up to him to work it out. If I don't see anything in a couple of weeks, I will come back to it. I am preparing for what's next! I will be working on the site more. Still have some video and sheets of the EXUP to post. The site counter was re-set again from almost 1,200. -

I found the lot of VMOA events pages had been orphaned. Fixed that link. Working on the hyperlinks.-

Working on the site layout. Removing the frames and installing shared borders. This will be a while. Links may be broken and strange looking pages during this process. -

1/18/09 Sorry this is taking me a while. It's a slow process and I do this as a hobby. Little here and a little there as time allows. I am working on a new EXUP video. Found the EXUP does make a little difference in the very bottom end, but in my opinion it's not enough to warrant having it on the bike in a drag race situation. If you watch the EXUP video, the valve opens at 4,500rpm. Most drag racers will try to launch and feather the clutch to stay at 4,500rpm. The valve never works in that scenario and would just be dead weight. More to follow.-

I updated the Nash Nix page and the measurements page that refers to it. I will be loading more video tonight if time allows. Had more "hunny do's" today. Sprinkler system and electric gate opener was not working. More to follow.-

1/17/09 Big day of testing today. First off, air was very good today. Since I do not have correction factors, only uncorrected numbers, I was able to pull 191.4rwhp!! I will be putting the video together tonight. Lots of answers. I will be posting the pages tonight. I will hyperlink to them from here. -

1/16/09 PM Just finished posting a couple of measurements. I removed one signal that did not look right. The 11 mph signal. Something didn't copy over right. Although I injected a saw tooth waveform into the bike in the video, the ABS unit sends a square waveform to the ECU. It makes no difference to the ECU which it receives, from what I could tell, as long as the base frequency was correct. I used the saw tooth to make it easier to demonstrate the frequency. After studying the signals with the Fluke software, the crank signal frequency is too high and can not be used. Seems like the $5 dollar fix is slipping further away. I still have a few things to try. Tomorrow is another Testing Day!-

AM Regular work day today. I did take a moment to order some of the parts for the speed prototype. I have a new idea I am working on. I will still look at the $5 fix this weekend. I will post some of yesterdays measurements later. Good news, I have spoken with an aftermarket parts supplier and he is making arrangements to ship me an aftermarket exhaust to test! I can't wait to hear this bike un-muffled! I am willing to test any exhaust system and post the dyno results. Contact he me here.-

1/15/09PM  Well, today didn't go as well as I had hoped. I didn't get past the first item on my list. I spent most of the day working on the cheap speed project and no real results to post. At least, not the ones I am looking for. I had to be incredibly cautious with signal swapping today. I could fry my ride if I am not careful. Its very easy to do. Each move had to be planned.  I was able to get the speed signal to make the speedometer act as an engine tachometer, but it did not work. I measured several signals and found some very high voltages present on items like the injector and ignition coils. I decided to try the injector signal. I created a resistor network to drop the injector signal voltage down to a useable input level for the ECU. If memory serves me right, the speedometer was indicating 16mph when the bike SLOWLY topped out in 5th gear. Didn't work. I started looking for a higher frequency signal on the bike. The crank signal is closer but varies greatly in amplitude with RPM, so it would be harder to use. It may be my only hope for a cheap fix. I did store some measurements that I will post up tonight or in the morning. Hell, I don't even know how many people are even going to read this or if I am wasting my time with this whole "Blog" thing. I'm pretty whipped. Sorry I don't have better news. I tried. Maybe this weekend. -

AM  Checked the site this morning and it looks like its still up. I added Youtube links to my "day job" video to my misc video page. Today is a Testing day for me. Almost cold, 28 degrees this morning here in Central Florida. My weather station still needs to be repaired but I am not comparing bolt-on parts yet so there is no real need for SAE correction at this point. So I should have some high stock numbers to start with. 1st on the list, see if there is a $5 speed fix. I'm hoping!-

1/14/09 Well, my web server was maliciously attacked and the site has been down all morning. The server hard drives are destroyed. I have now moved the site to an outside server. I should no longer have any bandwidth issues. I have re-copied the web down to the new host and I hope everything is still intact. I have contacted my service provider to see if they can trace where the attack came from. This server has been running for 7 years without a hiccup until I added the VMaxGuru.com site. I don't know. Best I can hope for is Karma. Anyway. Its back and better than ever! The counter was also reset to 0 and I can not set it to where it was. I added a multi O2 Sensor reading to the Measurements page from an earlier set of dyno runs. No testing today just hunny do's I really needed to finish. -

1/13/09: I added the Polyanna Page, Measurement Page, My Bike Page and this Blog tonight. I may not always make an entry into this this but I will try to post the changes to the site. Bandwidth seems to still be an issue. The site is up to 6,459 page visits. That's about 1,300 in 24 hours. It's only been about 72 hours since I posted the first video. Less that a week since I purchased the VMaxGuru.com domain name!  I have found copies of my video's in foreign blogs and received e-mails from a forum in France. I am amazed. I made contact with a new 09 owner in Ocala! We both have 09's and FJR's. We are talking about a doing a new exhaust project. One guy e-mailed me and has a good idea for the intake side of things I will look at. Also, many have offered or suggested donations. I really don't need it. My business is stable so far. If you have the need to give, then please contact your local church, food bank or animal shelter. I do appreciate the offer, but your money would be best spent within your own community. I do this out of my own pocket, for my own reasons. It's late.-

1/12/09: I understand my site is experiencing bandwidth problems due to the release of the 2009 VMax Technical Videos I have been making. I have done two things. I have embedded the Youtube player in some of my pages for faster playback and I am adding this link to my VMax video playlist on my Youtube page. Thanks for all of the e-mails of support! I am amazed and it's an honor. A little scary to know  so many people are actually watching! I was contacted by vmaxforum.net and joined. Thank you! Updated  Critic page and all the Tech Pages are re-worked. Added new artwork to the banner. I updated the Disclaimer page because someone actually read the disclaimer page, the whole disclaimer page! Sham WOW! I updated it again to be the bigger man. Mark, thanks for getting me to thinking about it!-


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