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6/19/09 to 6/30/09 Vacation!

6/18/09 Ok, this will be the last Blog entry for a while. Going on a working "vacation". While I am away, I am actively seeking someone to construct a new type of hybrid Blog and Forum for the VMaxGurus.com domain. If you are interested in bidding on this project, e-mail me here for further details. BBL! 

Another good question came in via e-mail. On a stock bike, does one need to un-hook the EXUP if you are running a Power Commander? The EXUP really comes into play in the first three gears. If you are in a state or country that demands your EXUP to be operational, it may be a good idea to build gear dependent maps. If not, you may want to just un-hook it. I will be posting some of my first maps for the Cat Sass and Battlestar when I return. We will also start seeing the numbers dialed in on the UFO Battlestar pipe (F.K.A. Dragstar). Big stuff when I get back.

6/17/09 Spent most of today getting ready for vacation. The internet has been down, so this will be a delayed post. Some time back, I looked at the temp gauge sensor input to the ECU today and found the fans turn on around 180 ohms and turn off at 220 ohms. A 220 ohm resistor gives a mid point reading on the bike. A 1K resistor placed in parallel of the circuit lowers the turn on rate to be about at the halfway point. It also causes the ECU to alter the fuel injection curve. I like where this is going. Something to play with later. I did not have time to run it up on the dyno but I think this will change the O2 reading in good way. I will look at this more when I get back.

6/16/09 This just in from Wendy Wiencek. It's some of the new footage she included in the "Jay Gleason: The Test Riding Legend" DVD. 

It is my understanding the DVD's are about to ship to Jay for his signature. The VMOA will facilitate the DVD transactions following that. For those that missed this first round, the VMOA may offer non-signed copies as a store item in the future.

6/15/09 First, I think Jon of UFO will soon be selling the Max Tuner with a Max Filter as a stand alone item. He has warmed to the idea. 

Next, good news! Esten is about to get his Battlestar pipe and PCV so we can start tuning on it. 

Next, bad news for Esten and the Blog readers. I am going on vacation. I will be taking a break from this for a little while. Can't say how long, because I don't think that is smart. Just breaking it to you gently. I will say one thing. From the statistics, there appears to be a lot of hard core people that read my Blog everyday. The e-mail list has grown daily. I appreciate the visits and I will soon be back at a few new projects. I will try to get the Battlestar 4 into 1 and PCV setup on Esten's bike up to speed. I am getting tired of waiting, so the blower for my bike is almost eminent. I have a little work to do around here before my vacation starts. Just a heads up.

One last thing, Bob (Bad_Max) tells me the Double D mod we use to perform on the old Gen 1 V-Max is almost a must for the Gen 2. 

Added 2 videos to the bottom of the "Seen This Too?" page.

6/14/09 I had the privilege of seeing the cover art for the Jay Gleason DVD yesterday. Fantastic! Those who are on the waiting list, you should be hearing something on about them this week. I hope to post a teaser video today. 

I have been riding around with the Graves EXUP Eliminator installed for some time now. It seems to be working properly and has not set any codes in the ECU.

6/13/09 My vanity plate came in today!


So, I had been kicking around the idea for the website VMaxGurus.com. The idea came to me  when Dave submitted a nice video on the Fuze block a long time back.  It would be nice to have a site that people can post a modification that outlines a mod or part in detail. Then, a "quazi" forum would follow with questions and answers without all the banter. Membership will be voted upon as the "online community" would decide who should go rather than the personal opinion and interest of one or to moderators. That would keep some respect in everyone's postings. I think I may proceed with it. I can't do it alone as I am getting more strapped with life and work as we speak. I will be looking to hire someone to build the site as time goes by. I have some very good ideas. As for the site paying for itself, auction off the right to post one ad to run for a month. Vendors could donate parts and we could hold a drawing for which member would install the part and do the review. Lots of ideas. I think they are good ones. 

That being said, as he has done here before, Dave Soli intends to submit a review of the Evoluzione Cyclesports Powershifter. He had to depart for his boat for the weekend, so I will include a snippet of an e-mail:


Thanks for the call! I just left a long over excited message on your voice mail :) Never had a quick shifter before, this thing is too much fun! I did 6 runs from 10 to 140... the thing is flawless! I set the kill time to the same for all gears. Left the min RPM at 3000, I am going to change it to 6000, maybe 8000... so it works as usual below that. Although, I shifted at 9500 on the dot for all my runs. I have the shift light set there, just held the throttle tight, and lifted the shifter as the light came on... good times! It is even more fun than the SMG transmission on the M5!, other than the fact the M5 has two more gears ;) I may shorten the kill time a bit, but I will wait till I get a custom map done first. I am doing that next Thursday. Thanks for another quality product!

Click the image to enlarge

Here is a rough draft of the Max Tuner Cat Sass curve adjustment procedure.

6/12/09 I have decided not to sell any of the electronic designs I have came up with. Seems like a waste to let the designs die so, Ladies and Gentleman, the first: DIY all analog, adjustable switch point, truly divide by half - speed fix. Right now it is just a working Spice model. I need to add one output driver stage and I will be testing this over the following few weeks.  I removed the PIC stamp I was working with and made this version 100% analog so it could be built by a novice in electronics with minimal soldiering skills. When I am happy with it, I will release the board files that can be submitted to many PCB manufactures and component list on my web site. As I get closer to being done, a group may want to get together and make a group buy of the boards and parts. I will post links to groups as they form. I think this DIY will be around $15 to $20 to build (just a guess). All of the other projects I have pioneered here on this website like the Truly Emulating EXUP, Jumbo LED Flasher, Electronically adjustable throttle tamer and a trick for the YCC-T are next (if I feel like it). Nothing will be sold on this web site. In time, I may add a donate button. For now, this is just a hobby. Start charging for it and it will not be fun anymore.

6/11/09 Shot some video of the Max Tuner today. It will take a little time to edit it all together. Maybe this weekend. For those of you that are getting them now, think low numbers for adjustment.

6/10/09 Today turned out to be a work day. I hope to shoot a video about the Max Tuner in the morning. 

6/9/09 Have to do some work regular work today. Hearing rumblings about a new Akrapovic system. Per the e-mail - does "KARBON EXAGONAL" mean anything??

6/8/09 Today is a work day for me, so no shop time today. I had an e-mail come in that inadvertently got me to thinking about a question that popped into my head while installing the PCV and the O2 eliminator. I have to do a little research on this, so right now I am typing off the top of my head. (I have already discovered in the drawing below the bike has a temp sensor somewhere under the headlight I have not seen both times I had it apart!) When it is fully installed, the PCV removes the O2 sensor's feed back signal to the ECU. So what is lost by doing this?

I got to looking and found the bike has an air temp and pressure sensors it uses to adjust for changes such as temperature, barometric pressure and altitude. The bike does not have a humidity sensor. I don't think it needed one because the adjustment for this factor was the feed back provided by the O2 sensor when the bike goes closed loop. I am just wondering what will happen to the daily driver during humidity changes with said configuration. Don't get me wrong, I am really enjoying this unit. For the serious racer, this is the ticket. But, it may be best for the daily rider to leave the O2 sensor intact and remove most of the map adjustments from say 0% to 20 or 25% and just let the ECU adjust that portion. If you take it to the track, switch them as instructed and tune the bike. From studying the actual data from the bike, the ECU does a very good job of correcting the AFR in that region on it's own. I am curious to see how much humidity will effect the cruise region without the stock O2 sensors auto adjustment. It may not be anything to be concerned about. Something to keep in the back of my mind while looking at the LM-2 data and Autotune corrections. I have discovered a few things and bounced around quite a bit to come to this current line of thinking, so don't take any of this as fact. Again, just thinking out loud. That's what this Blog is about. 

6/7/09 I have closed the Jay Gleason DVD waiting list. I will forward the list to Rhonda at the VMOA store for distribution to the VMOA members. All others can either join the VMOA (I suggest you do) or the editor/producer Wendy will facilitate your sale. I think there may be more copies available from the VMOA, but this is the only signed batch that is planned.  I want to thank those that made such generous donations. 

6/6/09 I put the bike back together this afternoon and took it for a ride with the new Dynojet PCV and Autotune. I discovered something. I love to ride this bike. So I am going to do it more! I also I did a few run-ups with the LM-2 data logging the resultant O2 from the base map from Dynojet. Here is the chart:


I also figured out why the turn signal indicator was such a problem. My helmet chin bar obstructs it's viewing. It's tiny to begin with. I know it was a simple mod, but I LOVE the jumbo LED blinker indicator. I knew I would. I ordered the 10mm high intensity LED from Mouser. I had to cut the voltage down to keep it from blinding me. I will see if I can put together a simple schematic on how to do it. Very easy to make, and simple to install if you plan to move or modify the front turn signals.

15th Annual Rot Rally in Austin, Texas. All Bikes, All-Weather and All Welcome. No matter what Mother Nature throws our way, we keep on rolling. The ROT Rally is an all-weather event, and it will be held, rain or shine.

I have added some pictures of the concept bike that was on display at Daytona Bikeweek in 2007. Funny to see what styling cues and mechanical attributes made it into production. 

6/5/09 The VMOA - Great Plains South region is having an event Sunday, June 28 in Topeka, KS. We will be renting the Harley Davidson dyno from 8-5. Sean Morley is providing a BBQ lunch. A group of us are heading down the Friday before to hang out and ride.  Last year we had over 200 dyno runs. 

    For more information please email either Sean Morley or Mark Milne.

Mark Milne #1098 Sean Morley #1479

Sad news from the e-mail today.

Subj: First Known Celebrity Swine Flu Fatality

swine flu death

And we all know who gave it to himů    

If anyone else has an event to post, e-mail it to me and I will put it up. Work day for me today. I may play around this afternoon in the shop. 

6/4/09 Something for the calendar. Second annual UFO DAY AT THE DRAGS at Thompson Raceway Park is July 11th. Bring your Max, sportbikes welcome! 

Surfing tonight. Neat link to a Dark Knight bike. Can't read the site, so I just looked at the pictures. Neat link about weird helmets. Seen some of them before. 

I think this is a huge discovery! 

I think this allows you to adjust the factory Fuel Injection. I will test this to see what happens. I will make a full page for this tonight when I have time. Thanks to Gary in TN for sending me in the right direction!

6/3/09 Started installing the PCV today. Since I still want the data logging portion of the LM-2, I tig welded another bung in the exhaust pipe. I now have 2 wide band O2 sensors. One for the LM-2 and one for the Auto Tune. It was nice that I have the prototype Cat Sass pipes that are painted instead of coated. All I had to do was wire brush the paint off to weld the extra bung in:

I have been looking at the Auto Tune hookup and I think the LM-2 can do the same thing with one O2 sensor. If a simulated analog voltage in proportion to the current O2 level will work, I can program the LM-2 to simulate this analog O2 signal. This way I can cut down on the number of devices attached to the bike for now. I may change this when the LCD screen comes out, but I love the data logging capabilities of the LM-2. Something to study. I took some Oscope measurements of the Grave Motorsports EXUP eliminator and it works as I expected it did. 

Bad day at the shop yesterday. The slick does not like the dyno. Best I can figure, the slick got too hot and expanded. When the bike hit the rev limiter, it bounced like it usually does on the dyno except this time the expanded rear tire picked up the metal covering immediately to the rear of the drum. It did so right as I hit the rev limiter in 5th gear. What followed was 180mph burnout. I wound up having to pull the bike off the dyno, repair the drum cover and go get a new tire mounted. I am posting this video so show the real risk, expense and effort this BBW project is causing me. It's fun until stuff gets broke. I never dreamed the slick would do this:

I study, I learn, I move on.

As for Hal (mentioned  below), don't post anything on his site. That is what he is after. Let's just laugh at the bitter ravings of an old man that has had his fun, lost the faculties to do so himself, and hates anyone that still can. Everybody has their place in society. Unfortunately some men choose to reside at the rear end.

In the shop again today. 

6/2/09 Hal's back at it again! 

Comment Quote: "You may be many, but you're all disturbed if you think that the VMax 1700 is a) beautiful, b) relevant, c) anything other than an overpowered penis extension that should be banned from public roads NOW.




Here is the link.

Today I will be in the shop. I hope to shoot a video of UFO's Max Tuner and how to adjust it. People should be getting theirs soon. Then I will be installing the Dynojet Power Commander PCV and Auto Tune. I will try to fuel the BBW YCC-T fix on the dyno and see what's down there. If it proves to be something worth pursuing, I will continue on with the electronic version. Then I hope to pull the slick off, put a Evoluzione throttle controller on and ride my V-Max. 

There are only 5 copies of the Jay Gleason DVD left. I will remove the waiting list from the website Sunday.

6/1/09 I will start a new June page tonight. (Done, your reading it). Still having internet connection problems. I have uploaded the video of the first dyno run of the YCC-I fix. I built the electronic version on a bread board last night. It uses a PIC stamp with a A/D converter to read the TPS / APS and D/A converter to output the APS to the ECU. One side trick I discovered, it will also act as an electronic throttle tamer. Still having some serial issues with it. I may build an all analog one using op amps and logic circuits. 

The homebrew ABS jumper for diagnostics. Click pic to see how:


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