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11/22/09 On vacation with my buddy:

My Buddy

I have been waiting for Jon to send me some more info to post about his bike. I have not heard from him this weekend. Trouble is, I am leaving to go on vacation. This means it will have to wait until I get back. I will say there is a lot of answers to what he did in the photos and video. Until then, would someone please locate me a M/T Drag Radial for this bike? I have heard that when you get one of those tires on the rear of the bike, it accelerates like it was shot from a cannon. When I get back, I should have everything on hand to post it. I have posted some of the new GuruedGear products I intend to sell to the general public on a new website. It's going to be interesting to see what happens. Jay and I solidly spanked the boys out west with these innovations. Now lets see if they can swallow their pride and buy it from me. There will be more coming. I'll be back soon! Until then, enjoy the bike and Keep Up!

11/21/09 No Blog.

11/20/09 Here you go:

I have to give up on an elaborate video due to my edit problems. A simple video is uploading now.

11/19/09 Well, I have; down loaded the 8 second video to the hard drive, opened it up in my edit studio, and the files have no video, just audio. I can play the files in a media player, just can't edit them in my favorite linear edit software. First real problem I have had with the Windows 7 upgrade. Trying something new.

My latest creation:

World Premier of Gurued Gear, Throttle Linked Faux Fuel Flaps

Yep, They do!

I have the video and I am working on it now.

11/18/09 Well, I crossed over to the dark side today. Billy from  Ironhorse brought over this custom Screaming Eagle bagger to tune today (bags are off of it in the pic below).

Click to Enlarge

And here is the result of a days tuning:

Click to enlarge

Blue was the best initial run and Red was what went the out the door. Respectable numbers for a bagger! Billy had installed cams and worked the heads, therefore the tuning was needed. He also had the jugs jewel cut. A beautiful machine. I don't know what it is about these big custom baggers, but they sure do fit and sit nice! Oh, and it seems the Harley guys have a electronic speed limit too.

I received an e-mail last night from Wendy Wiencek. She has made progress with the reproduction of the iconic Jay Gleason V-Max poster:

Contact Wendy Wiencek to order

 For those interested in purchasing one, please contact Wendy Wiencek. She is also offering to have it signed by Jay Gleason at an additional cost to cover shipping charges. I think she is still selling the DVD's too.

Next, I spoke with Jon about the 8 second video. I should have it in my hands Thursday. Since he won the race to 8's, he has also authorized me to post some info on the bike set-up. I have had fun watching all the internet conjecture about his bike and what has been done to it. Well, I will have some answers soon. I know quite a bit about electronically altering this bike to make it go fast. But when it comes to good old' drag race engineering, he even schooled me on how to go fast.


11/17/09 The 8 second video was shipped out and is headed my way. Jon of UFO Performance has promised to include some pictures of him with his hot rod to boot. Once I have them, I will construct a web page to memorialize this EPIC accomplishment.

I may have some "purty purtee" stuff I may post this afternoon. Depends on how good my shop time goes today. Just the song and dance until the video arrives.


Jon Cornell of UFO Performance has laid down the first all motor 8 second 1/4 mile pass of the second generation V-Max. Best part is, he didn't just barley go 8's. He drove straight into the history books with a 8.87 second pass at 156.82 miles per hour! This will be absolutely legendary! I am very aware of the effort that Jon put into making this milestone happen. Congratulations to Jon and his team for making history! I don't think I have used enough exclamations!!!!! Keep an eye on my site for the exclusive video.

11/15/09 First off, I am not totally happy with the fit of the new N103 helmet. My wife loves hers. The chin bar is too close to my chin for my liking and there is a tight spot on my forehead. They are very noisy at highway speed too. The N-Com Bluetooth2 works decent. I made a few phone calls and listened to music on my cell for a little bit. Sound quality is not superb (compared to my old wired Autocom system), but anything is better than the wind noise.

I did get to spend some time in the shop today. I returned to working on the neat idea I had back sometime ago. Something cool for the new V-Max.

11/14/09 No Blog

11/13/09 I placed two of each of these on order last week from Competition Accessories. FedEx tracking shows they will be delivered today.

Click to visit the Nolan Web SiteClick to visit the Nolan Web SiteClick to visit the Nolan Web Site


They have some helmets that are near the same color as the engine and covers.

Click the helmet to visit the siteClick the helmet to visit the site


I will let you know how they work.

11/12/09 No Blog

11/11/09 I realized I missed some things on the 10-18-09 Bradenton Drag Bike set-up. The double "D" clutch spring, AIS, and EXUP eliminator. I added them to the page.

Today is Veterans Day. Although I served in the US Navy for 5 years during Desert Storm and Desert Shield, I was stateside shore duty in Lemoore, Ca. I saw no action, so I don't really consider myself a Veteran. I repaired a lot of F/A-18 Avionic Equipment that did. Little did I know how long we would end up playing in that sand box. So, to all the real Veterans, Thank You.

Next, I don't normally do this but I wanted to warn those entertaining purchasing the Disney movie, UP, recently released on DVD. This is a horribly touching movie. I am still mad Pixar took the liberty to sucker me in with fantastically animated characters, and then gut punch me to build the plot to the story. My wife is still crying. You may want to screen it before you lay it on the kids.  If your kid is too young to understand the symbolic overtones, you may be OK. It is a wonderfully made movie that lays very heavy on the adult heart. You have been warned.

Oh, next week I am going to dyno and tune a couple of nice Harleys. The Ironhorse bike shop is down the road from me a bit. The owner has built a few nice fuel injected bikes and wants to tune them. He is also building a blower bike. I hope that one makes it here too.

Another Sneak Peek:

Click to Enlarge

Run 11 = Stock Air Box with top off

All runs are pump gas

11/10/09 Here is a little info on the bike setup for the last visit to the Bradenton Drag Strip on 10-18-09. I will update it when I can.

I upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit last night. With the exception of having to re-install all my software again, it works pretty good. My new blistering fast PC has an Intel i7 975 CPU, 12GB of Ram, 64GB solid state C:\ drive, three 1TB SATA drives, one 1.5TB external backup, two Blue ray dual layer burners and two ATI HD 4800 video cards. I re-installed my CNC modeling software to look at the carbon fiber molds I am designing for the new intake system and WOW! This thing screams.  

11/09/09 This one came in on the e-mail today:


If you get an email titled "Nude photo of
Nancy Pelosi," don't open  it....
It contains a nude photo of Nancy Pelosi!  

I try to avoid political humor, but this was too funny to pass up.

I have been tending to some home projects lately and we are starting to pick back up at work. It's looking like the Blog will suffer from it. I hope to have more news on my new prototype. It's part of the Jay Gleason write up, so it's delaying that too. Maybe something soon!

11/07/09 - 11/08/09 No Blog.

11/06/09 Another trick to mention today. I found an easy way to get fuel out of the bike some time ago. Remove the hose coupler at the fuel tank. The service manual covers removing the coupler on page 7-3. It is located under the seat. It has an orange slide that you pull up to expose the yellow release. While the orange protective cover is up, press in on the yellow coupler release and slide the hose off the nipple of the tank. Install a proper fitting drain hose on that same nipple you removed the fuel line coupler from. I have a hose that gets tight on the retaining ring of the nipple. You may want to temporarily hose clamp it in place. Secure the other end of the hose in a empty gas can so it will remain in place when the change in weight and pressure as pressurized fuel enters it. While pressing down the select and reset buttons, turn the bike on and enter into diagnostics. Scroll thru the diagnostics and you will find a few codes that will turn the fuel pump on and it will remain on until you pump the tank dry. When to hear suction or the fuel flow into the gas can stops, turn the bike off. I usually remove the hose connection at the tank, raise the line to avoid spillage and use an air hose with light pressure to blow the remaining fuel in the drain line into the gas can. Re-install the bikes fuel line coupler as per 7-4 in the manual. You now have an empty tank.

11/05/09 As part of her Geography class, my niece, Cassie Tomlinson mailed me a flat version of herself so I could take a picture with her and mail it back. This is a video of me taking her to work with me yesterday.


11/04/09 I will be working today at the Kennedy Space Center for NASA. I am going to troubleshoot a lighting issue on the towers around the launch pad. I don't know if cameras are allowed. If they are, I will post pictures.

11/03/09 First, let me say that if you follow along with my Blog, you can tell that I have slowly stopped posting information. That is because I have found something's that I need to acquire a patent before I post anything to the site. I have acquired the services of a patent attorney and I will let you in on it as soon as I can. In the meantime, I will be spending most of my time working this idea. By the time I can Blog about it, I should have a lot to show you. I will still Blog when something pops up, but between those instances, this will pretty thin. I am still working on Jay's last run page.

11/02/09 No Blog

11/01/09 Secret underground video has been found and here is a clip.


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