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10/31/09 Last night proved to be a rough night. I didn't get to play with my web site. I will be working on this project today as long as the pup does not have another allergic reaction.

10/30/09 I am at work right now, but I wanted to sneak this in. I have another exclusive premier to post tonight!

10/29/09 No Blog. Sick puppy to tend too. He's better today.

10/28/09 I finished installing my 240 wheel and kit tonight. My best recommendation to you if you are considering buying and installing one, let the dealer do the install! You need special tools to do the job and there is a trick to re-installing the indexed drive shaft. When I swap the rear tire again, I will video the trick. By the time I figured it out, I was too agitated to video it this time. Once again, thanks to Ken Ward at Seminole Power Sports for the great deal on the tire and wheel he had in stock! If you are looking for something to put on your V-Max, I would start with them. I went there to pick up the tire and wheel. It was a huge building with tons of V-Max parts in stock. Need the carbon fiber scoops and overseas shipping? Ken is the man to contact. It's rare I go out of my way to rave about a dealer, but sometimes it's deserved. Nuff said.

A sneak peek of the prototype V-Roomy-DS air intake system that cut nearly 1/10th of a second off our drag strip time. Produced from sweat equity rather than a "immaculate design". It took me a month to get this far.

click to enlarge

The revolutionary "Plug and Play" unit that controls the V-Roomy-DS, advances (or retards) the ignition timing, eliminates the top speed restriction, corrects the stock speed indication, controls the YCC-T and corrects the fuel injection is real. It was on the bike when Jay rode it. I am currently testing and tuning this system. More is sure to follow on this one. I have stumbled across something I am sure others will want. If I don't make it, some copy-catter will! I am entertaining a line of "Guru Gear".

10/27/09 Exclusive to this web site! A snippet of Steve Jassie's interview with the motorcycle racing legend, and my friend, Jay Gleason:

The full interview will appear in the November 2009 issue of V-Boost. The quarterly publication of the V-Max Owners Association.

10/26/09 I have been working on the new PC for several days now. Loading up new software and the likes. Besides, I needed a little break in the V-Max activity. I have spent too many late nights building things for the bike. I have purchased new (and hopefully easier to use) video edit software. I hope to be back up and running soon!

10/24-25/09 No Blog. Just PC work.

10/23/09 Upgrading my OS and moving files to a new blistering fast PC. The site will be under construction for a while tonight.

10/22/09 I have been going thru the pictures and video from the last day at the track. I also have some video clips from the Jay Gleason interview with Steve Jassie for V-Boost magazine. I will work on it some tonight.

10/21/09 Well, the video seems to play on my site now. By the way, that is a sweet little Fazer lined up in the lane next to Jay. Damon Ferraiuolo brought down his beautifully restored bike to race with Jay. The video's default is resolution is low def, but HD is only a button click away. As mentioned earlier in my Blog, I am now starting to exhibit more control over where my videos can appear. You can e-mail me to request the permission to embed any of my videos or pictures in your web site or group. I will post more pictures and the write-up this evening.  I may even show some pictures and dyno results of the experimental V-Room(y) air and the "Plug and Play"  unit I was using. This combo is putting out some serious horsepower improvements over a stock air box that has the top off. With some more development and testing, this combo may be a "dream come true" performance upgrade for the 09 V-Max. The best idea I have had from all the homework I done on the bike.

Lastly, this is no joke. Anyone at the track get the name of the photographer/videographer that was snapping all those pictures and taking video of me working on the bike in the pits? He has not sent me anything yet. Not often you see a $15k HD video camera at the track. I am starting to wonder what he was up to.

10/20/09 Let's see how this one works:

I am still having some growing pains with the new HD camera software. I have edited a rough clip of the 9.39 run. It is uploading now. I will upload a new one when I get some better titles done.

10/19/09 Still tired from all the work I put into the bike. A lot of what I have been doing did not make it into my Blog. The last week was full of late nights. Sneak attack or product development, you decide. YCC-T mapping, Top Speed De-limiter, Speed correction, Fuel correction, and adjustable timing all performed by one "Plug and Play" unit. Plus a twist on the V-Room(y) air. Things that helped Jay cut 1/10th a second off his best time. More details will follow. HD Movie sometime tomorrow evening.

Burnt Rubber! Click to enlarge.

The sub fender eliminator allows burnt rubber to cover the rear fender.

Our best time slip yesterday:

Jay's Best Time Slip Yesterday

I am exhausted. More details later. Today is a work day.

10/18/09 No Blog. Spent the day with Jay at the track.

10/17/09 Today Esten is coming over and we will dyno his bike again after he has done some tweaking to his PCV fuel curve. If he is happy with it and does not mind, I will post for him. We are then going to pull his rear wheel and put it on my bike to do some final tuning for Sunday. I have a slick on my stock rim now. I hope to make a good race fuel map on the PCV.

I cruised the internet yesterday and saw where some folks on the west coast think they have some "record setting" bikes ready for breaking Jay's current best time of 9.51. Best of luck to ya!

10/16/09 Work, no blog.

10/15/09 Yesterday I found something out. The slow closing of the throttle plates during deceleration may be enhanced by my prototype speed fooler. When I accelerate the bike on the dyno, the speed fooler goes into divide by half at 100mph. The bike continues on to 160+ mph with the speedo indicating half that value (plus some error for the missing front tire signal and the known stock speed error).  I found a difference in the throttle plate closing speed in proportion to rpm in 4th verses 5th gear, which made me curious. So, I removed my speed fooler and installed my signal generator once again. I ran the bike up to top speed in 5th gear. While the bike ramped back down, I varied the speed signal I was injecting with my signal generator. I found that if I injected a higher speed, the throttle closed more. Inject a lower speed, and it opened more while the bike decelerated. This function seemed to be tied in with the EXUP valve.

I was a good thing we called off today's test and tune session. I phoned Jay yesterday to tell him it would be better to wait for Sunday and found out he was a little under the weather anyway. Hope he feel's better soon.

10/14/09 Looks like I am going to have to make it official, I am going to wait until this Sunday to go to Bradenton. The forecast for tomorrow looks even worse this morning but the forecast for Sunday is magnificent! The forecast has the temps down in the upper 50's Sunday morning and some very low humidity. Besides, I need the time with the bike. I did not get much done with it yesterday. I still need to get the slick mounted and get the trailer ready.

10/13/09 I will doing a little more tuning today and I hope to be pull the bike off the dyno and get the drag slick installed. I also have to re-arranged some of the LMA-3 sensors to look at some different things.

10/12/09 Yesterday was a good day in the shop. I made a nice PCV map for the current V-Roomy air setup. I am starting to worry that Thursday will be a rain out. The weather forecast keeps putting the rain here late Thursday to early Friday as a cold front moves in. We will see.

10/11/09 No Blog.

10/10/09 I had a little time to work in the shop today. I cleaned up the plate and stack tubes. Hope to have more time in the shop tomorrow.

10/09/09 I am starting to field a lot of calls about "Jay Day". As I mentioned before, it will be delayed until Bike Week 2010. However, Jay will be running at the Bradenton Motorsports Park this coming Thursday, October 15th. If we are rained out, we will be there Sunday, October 18th. This is a regular "Test and Tune" session . You will have to pay admission to get in and buy a tech card if you intend to run on the track. Both lanes will be open so you may have a chance to line up with a legend! With the record high temps we have forecasted for next week, I would not expect any 8 second runs but we are still going to have fun trying!

Well, I did a lot of cutting and made a few more ponies. I have a few more cuts to make to fine tune the V-Roomy air. I made a few PCV map corrections to the bottom end. It's starting to look a little better. More this weekend. Today is a work day.

10/08/09 I update the V-Roomy Testing page and added more frames to the Horsepower GIF animation. I also added a new Torque animated GIF. 

10/07/09 Record high temps here in Florida yesterday made for a miserable day in the shop. I did get some dyno work done on the V-Roomy concept. Too late to work on it and post it.

10/6/09 I did some more testing on the V-Roomy Air concept. I think I made a nice page you will like here.

Late start at it today. I hope to get into the shop this afternoon. It is hot and humid today!

10/5/09 No Blog

10/4/09 I was able to pull the first dyno run of the V-Roomy Air today. It's making power too low. Tuesday I will start trimming the stacks down to see what happens. I think about 4 inches will have to come off. The two charts below are the V-roomy from today and the 189hp tuning with the stock velocity stacks installed that Jay took down the track for the 9.51 run. Although the air fuel ratio was destroyed down low (and I am not going to take the time to tune it), the AFR was good up top. The bike just lays down beyond 8.2k. I am learning from this!

click to enlarge

I was able to get the LM-2 sense transformer installed. I did not take pictures of the installation, but it's pretty straight forward. Just wire the transformer directly to the Inductive clamp Molex connector and it works perfectly. Best RPM I have ever recorded. That being said, I can now post this. I think it's the first time the Injector Duty Cycle has been recorded and posted for this bike:

click to enlarge

There is several things to discern from this one chart. The measurement is taken from a stock ECU with my prototype speed fooler installed. I plan on installing a switch to flip between pre and post fuel injection tuning. This is my first recording, so lets not take this to heart until I can prove the information is 100% correct. It does seem to look comparable with the two RPM's I looked at with my oscope sometime back. First, the max duty cycle seems to be around 62% on this stock ECU.  This seems to agree with the Dynojet PCV software as the highest I have seen it display has been around that same number. This will let the NOS, turbo, and super charger folks know how much room is left on these injectors at this pressure. Second, you can now see the injector step down before it cuts off. Third, you can see the TPS is higher exiting the run.

By the way, did I mention how good the RPM recorded with my sensor fix today??

I am trying to answer some e-mails this morning. I will not be able to get to them all this morning. Hope to be back in the shop this afternoon.

10/3/09 I am making a page for the V-Roomy system and it's construction. I spent the whole day turning three of the down tubes. Lot's of calculations to make tapers and such, followed by lots of work knob turning. My lathe is an old school manual version. If this thing proves to work, I will use the router to machine a form and mold one from Carbon Fiber. If it works real well, I may go into production! Anyway, it was a long day. As I left from the shop tonight, I took this picture of the full moon over it.

Late Night!

Another Late Nite!

Another picture was added to Söhnke's Submitted Bike page. 

I get an e-mail titled "The End". It's from Söhnke Nissen of Germany. He sent in a beautiful picture of his bike a long time back that I ran on the index page for a few days. I open the e-mail to find this:

Click to enlarge

His e-mail states that he was hit from the rear and he was wearing protective gear. Things like this just break my heart. I wish he lived close, I would already be helping him put it back together. I put this here to remind us all, things can get serious in a split second. I have added it to the Submitted Bikes page. I hope to add more when this bike is repaired and rolling again.

I will be up in the shop today working on the V-Roomy air. Maybe today will prove this endeavor to be useful or useless.

10/1 -10/2/09 No Blog


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