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9/30/09 I was able to cut both sides of the second version of the V-Roomy air today. I still am amazed at how you can; have an idea, draw it in 3D, render the drawing, examine it from all angles, compose the G code, cut it, and it look just like what the rendering does.  I enjoy this part of my hobby the most!

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

I nabbed this from a couple days ago and put it here:
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

I also started cutting the stock for the down tubes. I turned down the throttle body end today. These are ridiculously large, but I am going to cut them down 1/2" at a time until I find the length I am happy with.
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

Once I find the right length, I will resize the bell plate to the correct size to fit inside the frame and bear an air filter of some sort. I hope I can squeeze an oval shaped one in there. 

I have some errands to run tomorrow. It may be the weekend before I have some dyno results. For those sending e-mail. I am behind again. It may be a few days before I get to yours.

9/29/09 I hope to make a second cutting of the V-Roomy top plate. I will design one to fit tight to the bike later, right now I am just cutting it to fit so I can see what it's going to do. Maybe Wednesday I will have some dyno numbers. Lots to do before then.

Now for Jay Day. Bad news. Looks like the official version of it will have to wait until Bikeweek. The Orlando Dragway really dropped the ball on this one. Two months of work organizing this, shot. We are still going to be running at Bradenton test and tune, Thursday, Oct 15th.  If it rains, the following Sunday (18th) we will try again.

9/28/09 No Blog - Work.

9/27/09 Finished the drawings of the V-Roomy air and made the first cut. The holes are correct but I need to trim the size down on the right hand side. It is also very heavy, so I trimmed some excess from the bottom. Tomorrow is a work day.

9/26/09 Spent the day working on the V-Roomy Air drawing. I took a little break to work on Esten's bike. I installed the current sensor to the inductive clamp input of his LM-2. I should have taken pictures so I could finish writing the page. He rode it home and called me to say it worked good. I took the time to update the Auto-Trigger print below and designed a more complex unit. I will breadboard it tomorrow while the router is cutting out the V-Roomy air.

9/25/09 Yesterday I had a rare and unique opportunity. I had the privilege to participate in interviewing the King of Quick. It seemed almost surreal to set the destination in the truck's navigation system, hit enter and watch it display "Route to Jay Gleason confirmed". For the next three and a half hours I watched the green navigation line shrink while I recalled all of the articles and teenage conversations I had during what proved to be a pivotal error for the motorcycle industry. Along with the American introduction of the "rice burning crotch rockets", there was one bike that stood alone. The Yamaha V-Max. It was the baddest bike on the planet, and I was going to watch an interview of the man that made it that way.

Prior to leaving, I sent an e-mail out to every one on my e-mail list asking "if you could ask Jay Gleason a question, what would it be?" I had numerous responses. Ones you would expect like the RPM he launches and his shift points. Surprisingly, the most asked question was "what do you weigh?". Well, as you can see from the photo below, that question will be answered in the next issue of V-Boost.

click to enlarge

The editor of V-Boost, Steve Jassie, did a fantastic job with the interview. Questions like "was the Cycle World - taking it to the nines - bike the real deal", "why did you step out of the limelight" and "would you like to make a comeback" will all be answered in what will prove to be, THE pinnacle issue of VMOA's V-Boost magazine. This in depth interview will appear in the November issue.


9/24/09 I am working on the LM-2 sense transformer page:

click to enlarge

9/23/09 As promised, more Carnage photos!

A 2009 V-Max engine has been destroyed! There are more carnage photos coming!

VMax motor destroyed. Click to enlarge

The Evoluzione throttle controller install is here.

Due to the recent crash of my pc, I was looking at some old folders as I copied them back to my drives and I found this circuit I came up with some time ago. Until now, I had not gotten around to using it. Since I am starting to tune a PCV map for the Akrapovič system, I resurrected it. I had been thinking about the best way to fix the data logging of the LM-2 wherein it records a lot of unwanted data. After riding around, I hate having to go thru and cutout redundant or bad data. The LogWorks software has features that allow you to build fuel correction tables. The tables only allow for three forms of data, like a column of RPM's, a row's of TPS % and a table of averaged O2 data. Well, that would include lean data as the bike decelerates, idle data at red lights and several minutes of cruise data. It is easy to trim the data either by had or filter it by mathematic comparison, but I thought it would be nice to make an auto trigger to do this for me. Plus I am still using the O2 signal rather than removing it, so I am not really concerned with data below certain throttle openings. I thought I could build an auto trigger for the unit and see if I could set an LM-2 channel up to trigger recording. So I drew this circuit up:


Click the schematic to enlarge.

Turns out, for the LM-2 unit, I will have to design a serial circuit to trigger the LM-2 but I think this auto-trigger circuit will work for the LM-1 and PCV Auto-Tune. This circuit will allow you to ride around like you normally would and only collect averaged data above a certain accelerator position. Set this circuit to energize above say 20%, and only throttle openings from 20% and above would be averaged. Using the APS voltage rather than the TPS voltage will eliminate the extremely lean O2 data being recorded and averaged into the small throttle opening tables as the ECU slowly closes the TPS during decel. This may be an inherent problem with all fly-by-wire bikes with PCV and Auto-Tune that have unmatched TPS and APS signals. Set this circuit to turn on at 1% of the APS above idle and only idle and deceleration O2 data would be omitted.

It works like this: this is a simple circuit comprised of comparator, a driver, and a normally open relay. U1 compares accelerator position's voltage level with a user adjustable voltage level set via the potentiometer P1. When the APS voltage exceeds the voltage of P1, U1 will forward bias the Transistor T1. When T1 is forward biased, relay RL1 energizes and closes RL1's contacts. The LM-1 or Auto-tune switch would be connected to RL1's contacts. I have not tested it yet, but you get the general idea. I may have to change some values or modify the design to make it work in the real word. I don't remember where I left off with it but the spice model functions with no errors. I may add:

  • an RC network that will delay the turn on time of the relay

  •  a diode across RL1's coil

  • gear input to eliminate or enable certain gears only

  •  an EXUP trimmer

  • a remotely mountable LED to indicate to the user data is being collected

  • I may have to adjust the overall input impedance.

For now most of the parts (if not all) can be purchased at Radio Shack. This will be a start. I hope the Auto-tune can keep up!

Maybe I spoke too soon about the crash being a good thing! I had to load more software last night. The main one I needed was all of my photo edit software so I could resize and logo all of the throttle controller and sense transformer pictures. Sorry this is taking so long.

9/22/09 I hope to spend some time in the shop today. It looks like I have the CAD program up and running again. This has proven to be a good thing. My PC is running much faster now.

Next, I am going to change gears with this site. I am going to change the way all of my videos are hosted. I will be using Vimeo to host the video. I purchased a plus account and the upload speed is pretty good. I will be using domain level embed permissions wherein a particular domain must request permission to have the ability to embed and share the videos I create. I also will pursue copyright infringements. I am tired of seeing my pictures stripped or cropped of my logo and posted elsewhere. All old links to the YouTube content will become invalid soon. If you have embedded a video in a Blog or Forum and wish to keep it posted, now would be a good time to contact me.

9/21/09 I'm back up and running with the home PC.

The latest addition to our family took up most of my time this weekend due to and horrible allergic reaction to something yet to be diagnosed. Most likely a bee sting. He's much better. Enough of the personal problems. Saturday, before "it" happened, I was finally able to correct LM-2 the noise issue with this sense transformer from Digi-Key. The sense transformer is about the size of a quarter and can be installed at any location on any coil wire that is triggered by the ECU. The transformer has to be wired to the inductive clamp input of the LM-2. I have not found a simple solution to the problem the LM-2 has with measuring RPM via the multi-conductor analog signal cable. The readings always bounce around no matter what I did to any signal I tried to use. Using this sense transformer on the inductive clamp input will require a little work and wiring. An ignition coil wire must be passed thru the center of this sense transformer. This means you must either cut the coil wire to install the transformer or find a connector to pull the pin from, pass it thru the sense transformer and  re-install it into the connector. The signal level is a little higher than the real inductive clamp, so a series resistor is needed to cut the signal level down. When I get the publishing PC back up, I will show how to do this. This fix also removed some of the signal noise measured on the analog signals I am logging too. I hope to share some very detailed data very shortly.

Next, I can not get the Orlando Dragway to return any phone calls to finalize "Jay Day".  For well over a week of calls and leaving messages, nothing. Silence. I never expected this to be a problem. This is very strange. I have started looking elsewhere.

9/19/09 - 9/20/09 Publishing PC was still down. I used a laptop to look at my router logs to find an intruder caused the crash. Don't know why, but it's pitiful someone has nothing better to do with their time.

9/18/09 Yesterday I  got to thinking, if I am going to install a fender eliminator, I might as well have a big back tire on the bike, right?! I had been checking the availability of a Wide Wheel Kit. I wound up making a trip over to Seminole Power Sports in Sanford, Fl yesterday to pick up one. When I got there I finally got to met with, Ken Ward. Ken is the service director and I have gotten to know him from trying to organize the "Jay Day" event. Seminole Power Sports has offered to sponsor a large portion of the "Jay Day" I am putting together (more on that soon). He is a sharp guy that knows the V-Max. He owns both generations. To his credit, he had my wheel ready with a ME880 mounted and part of the bearing kit installed. The wheel and tire was clean and wrapped in plastic sitting in his office waiting for me when I got there. He has more of the wide wheels in stock as well as some race ECU's and carbon fiber parts. 

I made the trip back home and arrived to find my home PC had crashed. This is the PC that I normally publish the site from. I am at work today and am posting this update from the office. If I get the home PC back up, I will be keep up with the Blog.  If not, it may be Monday before you hear from me again. This includes e-mail. I will be making the V-Roomy Air this weekend anyway.

9/17/09 First, I got this shirt (I am very proud of) from my friend Tim Robinson:

He also sent me a fender eliminator that I will install and photograph soon. Thanks Tim!

Next item to post, after some more dyno tuning the Akrapovič titanium exhaust system is starting to turn a nice shade of purplish blue at the merge points. 

I installed the Evoluzione Throttle Controller yesterday. I am doing the write-up today.

9/16/09 Sleep = 0.

9/15/09 Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, Hoff:

Of course, I got nothing done after we got him. Nothing beats puppy breath. I will be back at it tomorrow.

I am expecting Esten over today. He has been tuning on his bike a little. He has also added an SSI-4 to his measurement instrumentation. He is brining over his stock air box so I can take some more measurements without tearing my bike down and continue on with the V-Roomy Air. I am going to change the design a little to concentrate on collecting air from the scoops and somewhat seal off the hot air from the engine. I have looked at several air filters that are available to try to find one that will provide the correct resonating volume inside this setup. The idea is to use momentum created from the last air pulse to accentuate the next intake event. Foremost, the air filter size will be subject to the final velocity stack length (what ever testing proves to make the most horsepower). I am also going to add a nipple in the bottom plate for the crank case ventilation tube. The aluminum stock for the down tubes arrived yesterday. I will install the Evoluzione throttle controller today. 

9/14/09 Work day. I did get a chance to work in the shop for a little bit. I made the last revision to the simple fooler speed fix. I will ride it around a little longer to see if it is a good solid design. I will draw up the board in the process and post the board files. Any vendor wishing to manufacture and sell these at my pre-determined price please contact me for the rights to do so. Not for profit individuals,  groups or "Teams" that wish to build these, will have my permission to do so. When this one is finished, I am moving on to a setup that has adjustable speed correction built in. Aluminum tube for the V-Roomy air is here!

9/13/09 Yesterday I spent a lot of time trying to find the throttle controller sent to me from Evoluzione. I looked and looked for this thing for a couple of hours. I finally gave up and started working on the "neatest thing" I have made for the V-Max. I may show my cards as to what it is this week. I started putting away all my stuff I had searched thru and there it was, it had slid inside the Akrapovic noise reducer. I will try again Tuesday. Tomorrow is a work day for me.  

9/12/09 I have taken a few days off from the Blog. We are looking to expand the family. We have been shopping for a English Bulldog puppy. I have wanted one since I played High School football. It was our mascot. Visited a couple places and we are still looking. Looks like I will be back in the shop tomorrow. I have a throttle controller to install. I am looking at some LM-2 data tonight.  

9/11/09 A day of remembrance. 

9/10/09 Since I am waiting for the current sensors to come in to continue testing the ECU's and tuning a map for the Akrapovič pipe, I have came up with a new prototype I will build. I will label it the V-Roomy Air system. 

The idea is simple. A common plate that contains the four bell curves of the velocity stacks. Beneath the common plate will be aluminum tubes I can cut to different lengths and tune them to the bike. The whole thing will be enclosed with one single air filter shaped like the old Hemi Ram Air breathers.


Pretty cool idea, eh?

09/09/09 A rare date. Today was a very technical day that I hope has ended with a simple fix. I looked over the data I collected from yesterdays ride. It looks as if the noise level has significantly increased after I put the bike back together. The data I recorded has a lot of noise spikes in it. The data collected on the dyno on 9/6/09 had much less noise. I spent today looking at what happens and what causes this. I narrowed it down to an increase of EMI when I place the steel faux tank cover over my instrumentation wiring and the bikes ECU. This must encapsulate and somewhat concentrate the noise.  I also found the Ignition coil I have tapped for the RPM signal compounds this noise problem. I was able to reduce the amount of noise present on all of the LM-2's channels by measuring the RPM signal with an inductive clamp. I have ordered a small sense transformer from Digi Key to see if it will work in place of the huge inductive clamp that comes with the LM-2. I hope it is the small signal level transmitted by the clamp that is reducing the noise and not the size of it that is shielding or absorbing the noise, thereby reducing it.

All of the following is preliminary but I have observed it a few times now. The new instrumentation is starting to give me a clear picture of what is going on inside the two different ECU's. I have had a few e-mails asking if I have some great revelation in the works about the Race ECU. Sorry, but the facts are still the facts. The Race ECU is still not doing much more than removing the top speed limit and adding a few horsepower on the dyno at best. The things I can currently scrutinize are the Injector Duty Cycle, EXUP and YCC-T opening rate. I have measured a slight difference in the injector duty cycle at wide open throttle between the two ECU's. The Race ECU recorded less Duty Cycle from 7K rpm up. I also recorded a leaner AFR which validates the Duty Cycle measurements in my book. Since my pride takes a back seat to the accuracy of the data I provide on this web site, I may have to re-write some of the pages of this web site for this slight difference. For the less warranty conscious that will be installing an aftermarket exhaust and racing the bike, I am still of the opinion the better money spent would be a speed fix and fuel tuner rather than a Race ECU. 

Still waiting on paperwork from the track for Jay Day. 

I am getting behind in my e-mail. Please be patient if you sent something.

9/8/09 Today was a work day but I still spent a little V-Max time at my office with Jay of Tallahassee. This web site has afforded me many opportunities to meet new people that share the same passion for this motorcycle. 

Next, it also looks like "Jay Day" is much closer to being a reality today. I have enough sponsors to cover most of the track cost. I am going to cover the rest for now and hope for the best. A little more paperwork, and we should have a major event in the works!

9/7/09 Well, I finished the LMA-3 Aux Box install today and so far I am happy with the signal measurements. Any one interested in installing one, this seems to be a perfect location for it:

Fender fits over the MAP sensor nipple (I did not use). The only draw back, you have to remove the fender to change the channel set-ups. 

I am going to ride the bike in to work tomorrow and gather some data on the Akrapovič system with a stock ecu and start tuning the PCV. Since I now have an accelerometer, I will use a math function of the LogWorks software and have it calculate torque and horsepower. I will have to weight the bike with me on it, calculate the surface area and gear ratio. I should be able to hone the formula down to something similar to my actual dyno results. Some of the initial data I have observed that has caught my interest: 

  • The YCC-T is not completely closing the throttle plates on a decel after a dyno run. It falls back to around 5% opening and slowly closes the plates as the RMP falls down. 

  • It looks like the injectors do not instantly cut off after a dyno run. They step down before they turn off.  This was consistently recorded, but not at the same place. Could be bad data. 

  • There seems to be more of a difference in the Race ECU and Stock ECU than I thought, I need to gather more data on this. One thing for sure, changing the ECU's will change the voltage levels a few sensors record.

One last thing. I have always had a hard time cold starting the bike with the Race ECU installed. I found that if I bump the starter a second or two and then flick the Run / Start switch one time and bump the starter again, the bike fires right up. I don't know why, but it works like a charm.

Tomorrow should be interesting. Let's see what data comes from it. 

9/6/09 I had a little shop time today to get the bike on the dyno and start getting accustomed to the additional data logging features. I took the data to the house and spent the next few hours looking at 50 seconds of recorded data. From the onset of using this unit today, it appears that I have had a few misconceptions about how the ECU functions. My oscope provides a very precise, yet tiny window to look into how things are working. Lets just say, I said "Wow!" to myself numerous times. I have to study the data more and correct the measurement of a few sensors before I really am comfortable blogging about it, much less make an official page of the results. This is proving to be the most interesting thing I have added to the bike so far. I should have done it eon's ago. Let me verify the sensors and how they log data, and I will move on. 

9/5/09 I installed this unit today:

It is an LMA-3 Aux Box from Innovate Motorsports. I can now record 5 more channels of data. I found the perfect place to mount the unit under the rear fender. I purchased this unit instead of the SSI-4 because the LMA-3 has a built in accelerometer. I have most of the unit wired in and started looking at the data. The accelerometer actually is sensitive enough to measure the bike lunging during a dyno run! This unit's data should become a nice addition to my instrumentation and the data acquisition on this bike. 

I hope to make it into the shop to install some more data logging equipment. I now have an LMA-3 from Innovate Motorsports.

9/4/09 Work.

9/3/09  Not my typical video, but it's nice to have a little childish fun every now and then! This video compares the Akrapovic 4 into 2 slip on system on my bike and the UFO Battle Star system on Esten's bike. Neither bike has the baffles installed. Oh, by the way. This is my first High Def clip. 

Sound Comparison - Akrapovic Slip On Verses UFO BattleStar 4 into 1 from vmaxguru on Vimeo.

Lots of stuff coming. I have the new video software loaded and configured. That will be coming tonight. Check in this afternoon!

9/1/09 I have more information for those interested in the Akrapovic exhaust systems:

Hello Tim,

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Nick and I have recently been appointed to look after all Akrapovic concerns in the U.S.  I realize that you have already been provided with an Akrapovic VMAX system for your project and you are very pleased with the results.  I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I will be supporting the market.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.  We have also set up a direct email address for any issues that arise here in the U.S.... usa.support@akrapovic.com .  Please feel free to let your readers know that there is someone here to support them as well.  I want you to know that everyone at Akrapovic appreciates your support.  Thank you for your time and here's wishing you continued success in the future with your site.

With Great Enthusiasm,

Nicholas J. Iannitti

All of my correspondence with this company has been informative, pleasant and timely. 

Sound clip and video coming soon! I am installing new camera software and the first two uploads played at half speed on YouTube!?? I will return to tuning the PCV map for this pipe Thursday if all goes well. I will post it along with the instructions on how to prepare the bike for running the map. 


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