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This is my personal web site and the information contained herein is for entertainment purposes only! This site is intended to be entertaining and possibly a helping hand. I hope to help others find information about events, tricks, and modifications for their bikes. I may make drawings or type up some technical info on what I did to my bike but that does not mean that I, or anyone else that submits something to be posted, am/are a professional that is competent enough to tell you how to do so. Modifications you see on this site could be dangerous, void your warranty or may be illegal in your state/ country. I leave it up to you to check all these factors before doing anything to your bike.

I do not assert or warranty any claim that any information on this site is 100% accurate or correct. For that matter, some information I post may be incorrect and just plain wrong. This site will document the evolution of my bike. Testing my ideas, and new products. This will include posting issues that only time will show to be mistakes. So if you read something here, do it to your bike and hurt yourself, don't sue me! You should have known better! I even told you so!

For individuals mailing or submitting art work, text, video or pictures to me, please note that by doing so you are in agreement that I may use part or all of your submitted art work, text, video or picture on my web site and/or any video I may produce. You also are agreeing to release me from  any claim or copyrights whatsoever regarding the materials you submitted or mailed to me.  You assume liability for acquiring the proper consent from individuals appearing in your art work, text, video or picture. I don't know what the laws are concerning images taken in public places, maybe I'll look it up. It would seem to me that if a person knows they are being video taped or posing for pictures, the person taking the video or picture owns it and the rights to it. But I could be wrong. Your complete compensation will be that your material submitted was of enough quality that I choose to use it on my web site, therefore you agree that no other compensation, whatsoever, is due.  

Feel free to browse my site, but you do so agreeing that I can not be held liable for its content in any way. This site is not about making money, its all about having a good time while figuring stuff out! If you are visiting my site for personal interest, you are welcome to any original material I have posted here. I would appreciate it if you would refrain from using my materials in a potentially profitable commercial manner until you obtain my permission. Commercially, I reserve the rights to all of my original material. It is a product of my sweat equity. 

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Tim Nash