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Whipple Industries Supercharger

So I made the leap! The hope is to obtain over 300rwhp. You will not do that with a  Magna Charger! I purchased a Whipple Supercharger in hopes it would do the trick! This thing is so efficient, you can remove the tape off the intake, spin the shaft slowly by hand and puff out the tape over the output!!
The 1200AX Polished Twin Screw supercharger made by Eaton/Lysholm, according to Whipple "are the most reliable, dependable, performance-enhancing item ever designed for either low boost or high boost levels." Adiabatic (up to 80%) and volumetric efficiency levels (up to 98%).
There are a few problems to overcome! One being the motor counter-rotates on the side I need to mount the charger to. I think I have a slick trick to fix that!

Snip from the web site: The screw compressor is by far the best supercharger available today; itís the only supercharger to provide a positive displacement design for maximum low-end torque as well as high efficiency for maximum top-end horsepower. No other supercharger in the world can offer the same unique benefits. Centrifugals and turbos have tremendous lag time during shift points, on-off throttle and off the line boost.

Hope to install this on the 09 as soon as the economy gets better!