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Gen 2 200+ RWHP Club


Rank RWHP Date  Owner Bike Info Mods Bike Picture

Dyno Sheet

1 208.4 8/21/10 Tim Broughton 2009

Brocks Performance Full Stainless 4-2-1

Gen3 Carbon Fiber Muffler

Big Air kit

PCV and MR12 gas

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207.5 3/20/09 Tim Nash 2009  UFO Max Tuner with NOS Curve loaded

UFO Air Filter

Modified Air Box

UFO Cat Sass Exhaust System

Single NOS jet aimed at the Air Filter with #24 jet 

IMG_2339.JPG (7339478 bytes) 207_Nos_Dyno_Graph.JPG (133367 bytes)
3   206.32 2/17/2010   Gary Glisson   2009   UFO Max Tuner

UFO 4 into 1

UFO Air Filter

Air Box Modified

40 Shot NOS

Nozzles in each Velocity


Race Fuel
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4 200.7 5/2/2010   Jonas Henriksson   2009 UFO Cat sass exhaust System

Air box Modified

UFO filter

Stainless End Pipe with mufflers in

DynoJet PCV

95 Octane Green Fuel
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I am not the judge as to the accuracy or validity of the dyno sheets posted here. What gets submitted, gets posted. Send your dyno scan, bike picture, and information on modifications that would alter horsepower output (like you see above) to THIS LINK.