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4/30/09 Bradenton Drag Strip Bike Setup:

I have added a Yamaha Race ECU to remove the top speed limit. The verdict is almost in. All this ECU seems to do is remove the top speed limit.  There is a cheap alternative to this $800 upgrade.

A UFO Performance Products Cat Sass 4 into 2 exhaust system. This exhaust system is not considered to be a full 4 into 1 race system. It was designed to be a modest performance replacement of the catalytic converter and add a little vibrato to the exhaust note of the V-Max in the process. The bike also has a UFO Max Tuner to adjust the Air Fuel mixture. 

A LM-2 data logger from Innovate Motorsports. This has been a very useful tool for tuning the setup. 

At Jay's request, I ordered and installed a Mickey Thompson Drag ET race slick. 

Quick release seat pins from Evoluzione Cyclesports

The top was removed from the Air Box and the YCC-I Velocity Stacks have been removed.

The Air Induction System tubes have been plugged.

Mobil One 10W-40 Full Synthetic 4T for motorcycles in the crank case

The bike had a mix of about 70% 93 octane and 30% U4-2 for the first run. The tank was almost empty after the first run so we added 50-50 of each. After reviewing the LM-2 data, the U4-2 may have leaned the bike's AFR too much. The original tune that made 189.9 SAE corrected horsepower was performed on straight 93 octane fuel.

I will pull a dyno run with the slick and fuel to see what kind of horsepower the bike can make.