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Good Ride Maps

I set out to put together a few good ride maps for people from out of town that would like enjoy riding some of Florida's back roads. If you have one to add, e-mail me the directions.

Type Ride Name Info

Map Overviews

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Short Ride

Ozello Trail or Eel's Tail

Quick Directions

Detailed Directions

Florida's Version of Deal's Gap. I have heard they call this the eel's tail now. I took the VMOA on a ride down this for Bike Week 2004. They sell a shirt a the Cross Roads of America that say's "Florida, 11 curves in 318 miles" or something to that effect. I beg to differ!  Ozello_Overview.jpg (191108 bytes)

Very Long Ride

Rat Loop

Detailed Directions

GPS Text File

I gave it that name because it looks like a dead rat laying on the map. This ride takes you down Istachatta, Ozello and the Dragon's Tail. This is every Twistie road I could come up with for now.

 Long Ride

2004 VMOA Ride Map

Quick Directions

Detailed Directions

Here is the VMOA Ride map plans from Bike Week 2004. This ride went from Daytona to Don Garlits Museum to Istachatta Road and then to Ozello Trail. I have put together a travel package that excludes Don Garlits Museum. My_Loop_Map.jpg (212720 bytes)

 Short Ride

Dragons Tail

Quick Directions

Detailed Directions From Daytona

Another Mini Deal's Gap type road. This one is close to Daytona. I have not rode this one yet so I don't know much about it.

Short Ride

The Loop

Detailed Directions

Daytona's famous Loop Ride. This is a slow ride as hundreds of other bikers are ALWAYS riding the loop to enjoy the view. The_Loop.gif (40419 bytes)