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8 Seconds?

7/7/09 Gary Glisson of Munford, Tennessee may have the first all motor VMX17 to run in the 8's. In it's current form, the bike weighs 520 pounds. Gary say's a slick is on order for the front. That should bring it down to 516 pounds! Soon I hope to change the 8 Second punctuation from "?" to "!". We will find out this Thursday.

Gary has been very busy modifying the bike. To my knowledge, Gary has the first 09 to be equipped with a wheelie bar.


The bike has been lowered.


A slick has been installed and the rear tail has been tastefully stripped down.


New seat was installed and say "bye bye" to the passenger pegs.


All Carbon Fiber body work.


Front left rotor and radiator has been removed. Steering damper added.


The bike also sports a Battlestar 4 into 1.


Air shifter has been installed.


Good Luck!

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