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A little good news today.


 This is one story I am glad to post. It is about Söhnke Nissen. Söhnke and his family are in Luebeck, Germany. Söhnke was an avid reader of my web site practically from day one. He also was one of the first to submit pictures of his bike. Until today, he was on the first page of my Submitted Bikes pages. I removed him from there, and built this page in honor of his story.

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Nothing like being there to un-crate a new V-Max you made a deposit on months before!


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 Söhnke and his family went to pick up his new V-Max.


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Every now and then, I would get a photo of Söhnke in some beautiful location like this one in Glueckstadt.



Then I get these pictures in.
He was hit from behind.
He was not hurt too bad,
but the V-Max was not so lucky.
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Kind of still makes me sick to see the bike laying there.



Then some more news comes in, the frame is broke.


And here is the most recent photo. On the road again!

Hello Tim,
Now, 5 months later, my V-Max is back again. Completely new back and a new main frame (but with the former frame number). A lot of work for the mechanics but they did a very good job!

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