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Gen 2 Polyanna Page - Dyno Testing

Who is Polyanna? That's my Dyno. The polygraph for bikes. In the VMax community, this will be where independent UL testing and Snopes collide. The real Dyno results of modifications and aftermarket parts.  

Click Here to download the Dynojet Viewer software.

Polyanna's Results


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5/27/09 Bang for the Buck - X-Pipe, Max Tuner, and Max Air See Page Web Page
5/26/09 1.  Dyno testing the X-Pipe for increased rear wheel horsepower. 

2.  Testing if RWHP is increased with a fuel correction for the X-Pipe.

1.  Yes.

2.  Yes.

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DJR Files

4/26/09 4-26-09 Air Filter Challenge. "Heads Up" challenge of the Stock verses Evoluzione and UFO performance air filters. Mixed. See the web page. Web Page
4/2/09 Bang for the Buck - UFO Cat Sass, Max Air, and Max Tuner  See Page Web Page
3/24/09 87 Octane Fuel runs better than 93 octane fuel. False. They are very close. Testing has revealed that 93 Octane fuel consistently makes slightly more horsepower.

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2/20/09 The Yamaha Race ECU removes the top speed limit in all gears. True. Although there was no immediate drastic increase in horsepower, the race ECU did remove the top speed limits in 4th and 5th gear. 

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1/19/09 The EXUP valve enhances the bottom end torque and performance of the bike.  False. After further testing, I have came to the conclusion the bike runs much better with the valve fully open. See the charts. I will let you guess as to which line represents the closed EXUP valve. The O2 chart shows how rich the bike is when the EXUP is closed. The dashed line is the open EXUP run.


1/17/09 Gain of HP by removing the entire Air Box and just bolting down the stubby velocity stacks. True. The entire OEM Air Box was removed and  the stubby OEM velocity stacks bolted back down atop the throttle bodies. The bike pulled  191.4rwhp. There are extenuating circumstances.

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1/10/09 Gain of HP by removing the top of the Air Box. True. The top of the OEM Air Box was removed  exposing the velocity stacks to open air. A dyno run was then performed and the bike made a 7 HP increase. **Note- A static dyno test does not take Ram-Air into consideration.**  

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1/09/09 Top Speed of the VMX17Y(C) is 162 MPH with the speed limit removed. False. When the speed limit is properly bypassed, the recorded speed was 168.2 MPH with a well strapped bike and worn stock tire. The bike hit the hard rev limit at 10,000 RPM. 170 MPH is not out of the question with new a OEM tire. Put that in your Wiki (and smoke it).   

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Other Test
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