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A Peek Inside

The first to Hack the Yamaha ECU


 On April 27th of last year, I received this e-mail in reference to first mechanical fix I made for the YCC-T (Chip Controlled Throttle) opening rate.
From: R S
Subject: VMax Electronic Throttles
Date: Monday, April 27, 2009, 11:42 AM

I saw your video on the VMax electronic throttle workaround....BBW.
It is being linked to from an informative 09R1 throttle discussion

I just thought I'd mention that *removed* are slightly ahead of the curve on the VMax, that they (and I) have got the throttle section of the Yamaha ECU reprogrammed and functioning with no error codes, although the process is not quite ready for the "masses".  However, I applaud the progress you've made so far, as I originally went down a similar path but gave up near the beginning and had no thought to incorporate the EXUP servo for development.  I'm curious about your next step, and what your final goal will be.

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Typical ECU YCC-T Map

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Hexed Up
And so began a long term venture with Garage Endeavors. After a short period of acclimating e-mail exchanges, I anted up the ECU for our project. I have no problem admitting that until recently, Garage Endeavors had carried most of the "Hacking" burden on their own. I had the pleasure of sitting front row and watch this thing unfold. Finally, one day some data arrived.
I downloaded a Hex viewer and soon I felt like the kid that got an overcomplicated toy for Christmas. I am comfortable writing and assembling code for MCU's, not the other way around. After hours of searching for some guidance on the internet, I finally had to break down and admit to the folks at Garage Endeavors that I really didn't know exactly what I was looking at. With their help, I am slowly learning the ropes. It is backwards from what I am accustomed too, but this new knowledge of assembly language should prove to be handy in future projects. I would hate to count the number of e-mails that have transpired since the inception of this project.
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Fuel Map 1
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Fuel Map 4
Once you get into the ECU and can adjust it, what happens now? Study - Adjust -Test - Repeat. Not everything can be easily defined once you are in. It takes some experimentation to fully realize what can be adjusted inside the ECU. In this working relationship between Garage Endeavors and myself, here is where I get a chance to step up and bring a skill set to the table. Which brings me to my new equipment.
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Photo by Gerry Jorgenson
There is a new arrival at my shop since I quit Blogging on my web site. I now own a EC 997 Factory Pro load dyno. This dyno sports several advantages over other dyno's currently on the market. I have upgraded the Exhaust Gas Analyzer  to be a 5 gas analyzer. Adding NOx to my repertoire will help me adjust ignition timing to be spot on. One of the main reasons I chose this dyno was the real time Horsepower and Torque display. This feature assures YCC-T and part throttle fuel adjustments will be quick and easy.  
 This is also a segway to some sad news I have to break to the V-Max community. Since I now can  measure the new V-Max's output via Factory Pro's acclaimed "TRUE Rear Wheel Horsepower" dyno, I must relay the results are far below 173 number everyone is accustomed to. The chart to the right was a V-Max I dyno'ed before and after installing an X pipe.  
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From this point forward, I will refer to my Factory Pro dyno results as RRWHP (Real Rear Wheel Horsepower). A Stock 2nd Generation V-Max makes around 158 - 160 rrwhp as indicated by the Green line in the chart to the right. Please don't kill the messenger. These are provided for reference and are Regular PCV Numbers and do not reflect any ECU Change.

Click to Visit Garage Endeavors
 As per the Garage Endeavors web site, owners of the R6 and R1 can ship their ECU's to Jett Tuning and have them re-flashed. I have seen several forum post asking if these guys are for real and should they be trusted. After all, its just some "hey who" on the internet, right? Well, from what I have seen, if you are the type that likes to pay to have that little bit of "extra" in your bike that few others have, you should have sent your ECU to them yesterday! Additionally, a few forum post has answered that question. As for the V-Max re-flash service, you will have to contact me. I am establishing a new web store for Gurued Gear and plan to open it soon. The first two items will be the jumper harness and the ECU re-flash. I should have a good tune file done when the web store is ready. More info such as pricing and terms will be found there.
Garage Endeavors has also been tapped by Hale Racing to handle their engine electronics needs. I have to admit, I was not a follower of the AMA sport bike circuit until I met these folks. Now I have set a season pass set on my TiVo and I plan on following along with Lenny Hale and the Garage Endeavors this race season. I hope they give 'em Hale!