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Grave Motorsports

Plug - N -Play EXUP Eliminator

6/14/09 I have been riding around with the Graves EXUP Eliminator installed for some time now. It seems to be working properly and has not set any codes in the ECU.

5/30/09 -I performed a preliminary test of the Graves Motorsports Plug-n-Play EXUP eliminator. The proper wires seemed to be present in the connector. It plugged right in and it did not set a code while on the dyno for a couple of runs. If AJ does not need it back soon, I will look at the signals it sends with an Oscope.

*Note*  My harness has been modified with the red connectors in the photo above.

Comparison of size:


Stock EXUP Servo signal under diagnostics:


Graves EXUP Eliminator signal under diagnostics:

The signals above drastically differ, but they both satisfy what the ECU is attempting to do. The constant adjustment by the eliminator circuit has to be using some processing power. A 32 bit processor can handle quite a bit. My worry is the bike is already known to be glitchy, and this may enhance the problem. I built a version that worked similar to this one but I felt it made the bike more glitchy and changed course. This one is using a little bigger cap from the signal measured, but it still uses processing power (of some sort) to continually make a correction to a servo that does not exist. The only way to do it is with true emulation as described in my video. There is a couple of ways to truly emulate this signal. I will be riding the bike this weekend to se if I have the same problems as mine. I have not seen it on the dyno yet.  For now, the Graves unit appears to be working and it is a true "Plug and Play" replacement. No need to cut into your stock harness. More to come on this one.