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V-Roomy Air

The Construction

Blog 10/3/09 I am making a page for the V-Roomy system and it's construction (you're here). I spent the whole day turning three of the down tubes. Lot's of calculations to make tapers and such,  followed by lots of work knob turning. My lathe is an old school manual version. If this thing proves to work, I will use the router to machine a form and mold one from Carbon Fiber. If it works real well, I may go into production!

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I have this old lathe that I think I paid $200 for it at an auction. It's not pretty, but it does the job.


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Raw Stock.


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Now it's looking better.


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A little more to go. One is finished, two need a final turn, and one is still raw (yet to be machined).


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I really need a bigger boring bar to taper all the way thru without the chatter, but this is smooth and tapered enough for initial testing. The big boring bar needs a new insert. It is now on order.


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Mock-up of what it will look like. I will start cutting these down until I peak the horsepower at 9k RPM. For looks, I may turn down the outside with a taper that matches the inside.