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New development

2/6/09 - I have came up with a good idea for the top speed limit removal and some other things. I have shot some video of the unit in development. I am going to do much more than just remove the top speed limit with this.  

1/19/09 - I had been working on a new device. Parts on order as of last week. I am in no hurry with this now as, due to my video demonstrating the proper signals to inject to bypass the speed limiter, I have seen other prototypes very similar to the same thing I was working on. I am happy to see one of the Guru's students, after failing his first test, understanding my schooling and maybe getting it right! This frees me up to pursue other bigger issues. If they can't make it work, I will have the parts handy and I will revisit the electronic injection method. 

1/17/09  I have tested several signals on the bike and have not found one that works. I used a resistor network to reduce the voltage level of an injector circuit. This signal injected into the ECU gave a speed indication of 0 at idle and 16mph when I revved the bike up. I went on to test what signal would be needed to bypass the limiter and found that a signal near 320hz that indicated 35mph on the speedo was the least that could be injected and the bike make full power. I will look into this more as time allows.

I think I can feed a coil or timing pickup signal thru a resistor and diode to the White/Yellow ECU wire and it could possibly work. I think the speedometer will act like a tachometer and the bike will run up to top speed.  Please, wait for me to test this! Do the wrong thing, and you will fry an ECU and there are NONE to replace it in stock!

See me testing the speed signal here.

See the injected signal dyno work so far here.