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LM-2 Data Logger for Innovate Motorsports

How To Use the LogWorks Software

If you do not have a current version of LogWorks from Innovate Motorsports, please click on the image to visit the LogWorks download site. When you open their website link, click this same image on their site to download the software. 

Upon download, you will have the ability to open log files. Once you do, there will be a mountain of data to discern. Here are some tricks to interpreting the data. I am using the Jay Gleason 4-30-09 Data file if you wish to follow along.


Eliminating Unwanted Data.

The EXUP_UNHOOKED signal originates from the EXUP servo that is no longer working on my bike, so lets point at it and when it enlarges to indicate it has focus, right click and Hide EXUP_UNHOOKED.


Select Tool

The Select Tool will allow you to trim events by deleting the data. It also offers Cut, Copy, Paste and Paste as Overlay from the Edit menu. The Paste as Overlay function helps to analyze two items when one is overlaid over the other. 


Zooming in on Data

Use the Zoom In magnifying glass tool and move it over the time line at the bottom of the page until it enlarges to show it has focus. Left click to zoom. Use the Zoom Out for the opposite. This can be done to signals as well.


Smoothing Signals

Point at the signal until it enlarges to indicate it has focus and Right Click. Select Smooth from the pop up.


Edited data

Here is a screen that has all of the unwanted signals eliminated, the time line zoomed and the signals smoothed.


Re-Playing Data

There is a play button at the top of the screen. By clicking the play button, you will bring up a screen of gauges on the Dashboard and a red time line that scrolls across the data. You can change the gauges on the "Dashboard" and adjust the playback speed.


Measurement Tool

You can use the measurement tool to single out individual points in time and look at the corresponding data. Be aware the hidden data still shows up in the measurement. The measurements are color coordinated. Each measurement will remain on the screen until you delete them. The Delete Measurement function is on the Tools menu. 


Charting Data

This is a more advanced feature of the software. You can chart and plot data with this software. Here is a screen of charting the data. This is useful for tuners.

Now you know enough to play with the data files. You can hurt them because you can re-download them so Have Fun!