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Max Tuner

Adjusting the Cat Sass Fuel Curve

Some folks out there are starting to receive their Max Tuners and will need to know how to adjust the settings. No external equipment is required to adjust the settings on the Max Tuner. It can be adjusted via the three buttons on the front of the unit. Here is the Base Fuel Curve for the Cat Sass system. 

The Base fuel curve is divided into three segments. Green, Yellow and Red. This curve is a hybrid curve comprised from a calculation of 50% duty cycle and 50% RMP. Upon pressing the Mode button, you can sequence through a series of LED indications. They correspond to the Fuel Curve as displayed below.  The Green LED('s) is(are) the Green Section of fuel correction to the left. This adjust from 0 to 7% in this zone.

Moving the Green LED('s) to the left or #1 at a slow blink rate will remove fuel as displayed in the following:


Moving the Green LED('s) to the Right or to #8 will increase fuel as displayed in the following:

The Green fuel zone can be turned off by moving the Green LED('s) to the #1 position at a fast blinking rate. You can experiment with this zone if you wish, but the best performance around town will be a low number. A low number may also help cut down on the popping on decel for some bike. Note: the AIS must be plugged in all bikes that have aftermarket pipes.


The Yellow Fuel Zone is adjustable in three ways. First, is the amount of fuel added in this zone. Depress the Mode button until the Yellow LED('s) blink. A slow blink rate on the #1 LED is the minimum amount of fuel added as displayed in the following: 


The Yellow #8 LED is the maximum about of fuel added in the Yellow fuel zone. 


Here is the part that may confuse some people. I had the option of adding features to this setup. I used the Green-Blue option for the second adjustment of Yellow fuel curve (not the Green). It adjust when the Yellow Fuel Zone will Turn On. This can be accessed by depressing the Mode button until the Green and Blue LED's alternately flash. The actual setting is adjusted by moving the Green LED as it alternately flashes with the Blue LED. The chart below illustrates the Green LED at #1 which will turn on the Yellow fuel zone the earliest. It also force the Yellow fuel zone to overlap the Green zone as displayed in the following:


For the third Yellow fuel zone adjustment, I used the Yellow Blue feature to adjust the Turn Off point of the Yellow fuel zone. This can be adjusted by depressing the Mode button until the Yellow and Blue LED alternately flash. A #8 Yellow Blue setting will be the maximum upper limit the Yellow fuel zone turn off. The chart below shows a setting of #8 which will enable the Yellow fuel zone to stay on for the maximum amount of time:


The Red Fuel Zone has two methods of adjustment. First will be the amount of fuel. This can be adjusted by depressing the mode button until the Red LED('s) blink. Moving the Red LED to #1 will cause the tuner to add a minimal amount of fuel for the Red fuel zone:



By moving the Red LED('s) to #8, you will increase the fuel adjustment to it's maximum:


The second method of Red fuel zone adjustment is the Red Blue LED('s). This adjust the Turn On point of the Red fuel zone. This can be accessed by depressing the Mode button until the Red and Blue LED's alternately flash. While the Red and Blue alternately flash, you can adjust the Red Zones Turn On point by moving the Red LED('s). The chart below displays the Red LED at position #1 which would be the earliest activation of the Red fuel zone. 


The Yellow and Red fuel zones can be adjusted to activate consecutively as displayed in the chart below, but the V-Max has a naturally rich spot in the mid RPM range.

Now you know how to play with the Max Tuner, so go out and button it up!