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My "Seen This?" Page

I have been finding interesting things on the internet that are off topic where the V-Max is concerned. Rather than continue to fill the Blog  and slow down the page load time with these, I put together this page to collect them here.

The Who's Watching Page.

The Geico Gecko Page

I would never leave Jay Leno's garage!


3/20/09 Blog Talk about humbling me after something great happening. After breaking 200rwhp for the first time, I was walking around with a lot of pride. I opened up my e-mail expecting to see my friends telling me how great I did, instead the first e-mail was from my sister-in-law. I lost my breath. I instantly added it to my "Seen This?" page. 

Here is the text from Youtube "This is a commercial Budweiser did for 9/11. They only aired it once so as not to benefit financially from it. They just wanted to acknowledge that horrible day and pay tribute to America and it's heroes."

Suddenly 207 horses didn't mean so much anymore. Just 8. Grab the link from youtube and share. It's unfortunate this is not an American owned company anymore. What are we doing?


3/15/09 I moved this from another page. This is crazy.

wingsuit base jumping from Ali on Vimeo.


3/14/09 This is a video of a dolphin that has learned to blow air bubbles in a circle. I saw this on Fox News with Shepard Smith this morning. He reports the one that figured it out has taught the others to do it also. After watching it, I found this Youtube video:


3/9/09 This next video came in my e-mail and I am very impressed, so I found it on YouTube and  thought I would post it. Besides, we all could use a little good news today. The artist is Ilana Yahav. It's rare I am so impressed. Since I have nothing new to post today, spend a little time watching this gift. I hope you are impressed too:

    If you don't like it, you can e-mail me here so I can tell you to kiss my Cat Sass! (Had to "man it up" a little.) Now, I've got to send it to my wife.

3/1/09 Have you seen this?

Sorry to get off topic, but this was worth it. Gives me chills. 


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