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My Former V-Max

2002 Yamaha V-Max


Stage 7 Dyno Run

Conditions: 94 deg with 82% Humidity

Max HP 123.4


Last Dyno Run

Max HP 124.9

Sorry, no sheet!


Stage 7 and NOS Dyno Run

Conditions 79 Degrees with 100% Humidity and Rain

Max HP 161.6


  • Dynojet Stage 7 Kit
  • 183.5 Mains
  • Needles on #3
  • K&N Individual Air Filters
  • Velocity Stacks
  • UFO Exhaust System
  • PCW Swing Arm Notched and Stretched 3" 
  • PCW Solid Motor Mounts
  • RMS 3" Heavy Duty Drive Shaft
  • RMS Solid Aluminum 18"  Rear Wheel
  • Progressive Heavy Duty Chrome Sleeved Shocks
  • 18" 200 Series Rear Tire
  • Radianz LED Tail Light
  • Custom Corbin Seat
  • Polished Scoops and Made Functional
  • Polished Brake Arm
  • NOS System with 48hp Jet Set-up
  • Flanders Drag Bar Handle Bar
  • Chrome Highway Bars
  • Carbon Fiber (Look) Rear Turn Signals
  • Galfer Polished Rotors (Front)
  • Galfer Carbon Pads
  • V-Boost Eliminated

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Short sound byte of my V-Max with no exhaust cans

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