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Other pictures of my bikes



The close-up view of the NOS installation. I have polished the brass fogger nozzles. The NOS system has several safety circuits and has worked great since I installed it. The 48 hp boost is a wheel burner in 1st gear, but any other gear is a blast. The clutch spring had to be changed to accommodate the HP increase. Here is the links to the NOS schematic: PDF JPG 

NOS BOM and notes 


Here is a picture of the Stage 7 install. Instead of plugging the crank vent tubes into the top of the front filters, I purchased some small chrome filters and plugged them into the tubes. I plugged the holes in the front filters. The scoops on this bike really work. I cut out the plastic inserts in the front of them. I have a rubber mat to go under the air filters that keeps the air pressure on top of the motor giving the carbs a real "Ram Air" effect. The final Stage 7 numbers are: 185 mains, DJ needles shimmed on position 3. I added velocity stacks under the air cleaners for more mid range.


Here is a picture of the 200 Series rear tire. I had a custom made swing arm that has been notched and stretched 3 inches. The tire BARLEY fits. I may have to shave the side of the replacement tire when it comes time to replace it. You may be able to see the stock location for the shock mount on the left side. PCW made the swing arm and supplied a bracket to move the shock forward 3 inches. The right side shock stud was just moved forward and re-welded. This retained the original shock angle and look. The new 200 series 18 inch tire hit the original tail light bracket so it had to be replaced  with this very thin LED tail light and licenses plate holder. I upgraded the shocks to a heavier progressive shock to handle the stretched swing arm and NOS.